What we offer

We offer care and education for children from birth to 11 years old.  We are a family orientated setting that values the overlapping of age groups with a daily routine that involves a school run and a termly school holiday club. Find out more about our places. 

Baby Crawling

Babies and toddlers

We take babies from birth and every family has an allocated key person who is responsible for meeting all their babies needs, from nappy changing, feeding and cuddles. 


We are proud of our stringent key person system that promotes the true value of attachment and the development of a strong bond between 1 adult and baby. 


The key person will become an extension to your babies family, they will be there every step of the way to reassure you and share all your babies experiences with you.


Your babies environment will be one that is monitored for safety throughout and will be filled with opportunity for exploration and growth.  We use a selection of quality resources within a homely environment, this includes mirrors, fabrics, lights, water, sand and a range of natural resources that will encourage their drive of investigation.


Our pre-school is run by a qualified early years teacher with an adult to child ratio of 1:8, this small group allows us to invest all our time and energy into knowing our children so that we can develop a curriculum that meets their needs.

It is through observation that we learn what children are interested in and then through regular assessments we know what each child needs to learn. We use this information to set up a learning environment filled with opportunities for them to explore in their own way. It is then the skilful practitioners’ role to facilitate their learning by adding language, ideas for investigation and problem solving and the words to encourage self- regulation. 

We have rooms that are spacious with empty areas for children to manipulate and transform into their own learning space. We also have dedicated spaces that we enhance by following their interests including sand, water, construction, small world, role play, mark making and a creative station. We have a large outdoor garden with a variety of areas including mud kitchen, water station and a large separate allotment for the children to visit. 

We sometimes take the children out for lunch to local cafes to promote social skills. We visit the park, library, forest and other local areas, as well as a weekly visit to Littleborough Amateur Boxing club for P.E.

We pride ourselves on the strong partnerships we build with parents, sharing information every day through informal discussion, as well as termly parents’ meetings.

Towards the end of the pre-school year we plan activities to help children develop independence, autonomy and resilience; skills that will equip them for the transition to school.

​We provide a curriculum that promotes the development of a confident child and a confident child will always take on new ideas and learn to their full potential. 


School children

Children that are with us for breakfast club will be offered a range of foods before setting off to school. They will be able to play in a cosy environment while they get ready to start their day.  We walk the children each morning maintaining safety by running a risk assessment before setting off.  All children wear high visibility vests and if appropriate they are harnessed to the pram to keep them safe. 


At 3pm we set off on the school run, we collect children from their classrooms and bring them to the nursery where they can play in a homely environment. The children dine together at approx. 4.30pm when they will be served a selection of home cooked meals.   Many parents keep their children with us for before and after school club after their pre-school year, it means that as the children settle into school they still have that consistency from the setting that they spent their very early years.

Holiday Club.jpg

Holiday club

Children that come to us during their school holidays are always excited knowing that they have days of quality play experiences ahead. They will experience a Halloween, Easter, Chinese New Year enhanced environment, filled with age appropriate activities. We will visit all our beautiful surrounding attractions and have picnics in the park, ice-creams at the Lake, river dipping at Ealees and lunch in a local café. The children will be provided nutritional home cooked meals and snacks at no extra cost.