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Our sessions are:

7.30am until 5.30pm

7.30am until 3pm

9am until 3pm

9am until 5.30pm

We charge £5 per hour for a child under 3 and £3.90 per hour for a child over 3.

  • ​We offer term time only places with the option to spread the cost over the year.

  • We offer 15 hours funding for eligible 2 year olds, 15 hours funding for the universal 3-4 year olds with the option to access the extended 15 hours (30 hours in total if eligible).

  • We offer a payment plan to suit parent’s needs.

The nursery is closed 4 weeks of the year to avoid children being unsettled while their key person is on annual leave. These weeks are not charged and you are informed of the dates at the beginning of the year.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer funded places?

Yes, we offer the following:

  • 15 hours funding for eligible 2 year olds
  • Universal 15 hours for 3 and 4 year olds
  • 30 hours funding for eligible 3 and 4 year olds

What if my child has a food allergy?

Over the years we have had a lot of experience with children who have food allergies. We find working closely with parents is key to meeting the child's needs. This will be discussed during your induction. All staff will be made aware and menus will be adapted accordingly.

How do we deal with sickness and accidents?

If you require our FULL Medicine Policy, COVID-19 Policy and Illness and Infectious Disease Policy please email us:

We have gathered useful information below:

  • If your child develops a temperature/cough, we recommend that you get a COVID-19 test for the child and self isolate with your whole household whilst waiting for the result.
  • If a child develops a temperature/cough in our care we will contact the emergency contact number that you have provided us with for immediate collection of your child. He/She will be isolated in the quiet room due to the possibility of your child being infected with COVID-19.
  • In accordance with the contract agreed with parents we expect to be paid for the child's place even if they are excluded from The Railway House due to illness or infectious diseases, this includes isolation due to COVID-19.
  • Any member of staff who has a severe illness that is infectious will not be able to come in to work. We will arrange suitable cover. If the majority of staff at The Railway House are ill at the same time and unable to come into work we will have to close, as agreed on contract signing, there will be no charge for childcare on such an event.
  • We are happy to give non-prescribed medicine, but we will only follow instructions on the label.
  • We are happy to give your child prescribed antibiotics however in some cases we may ask for them to stay at home for 24 hours in case they react to the medication.
  • It is vital you inform us of any medication you have given your child before they arrive into our care.
  • If your child has a medical care plan, we ask that you provide us with a copy, so we know how to manage their care. This form gives us the information that may be needed if there is an emergency.
  • If your child has acute allergies and carries/needs an EpiPen, please discuss the matter with us just in case we need additional training.
  • We record all medication administrated and request a parental signature at the beginning and end of each day.

What should I do if I wish to escalate an issue?

You can download The Railway House's full complaints policy here.

If my child only uses funded hours are there extra charges?

No, we never charge extra for food, outings or treats.

How do the settling in sessions work?

Settling in sessions are tailored to each individual parent and child. It can take as long as needed for parent and child to feel settled. Please note: sessions are at no cost.

Are there any admin charges?

No, every parent receives a 30 minute show around and 45 minute induction. This is at no extra cost.

What kind of items will my child need?

  • Weather proof clothing
  • Slippers
  • Wellingtons
  • Nappies
  • Set of spare clothes

How do you keep my children safe on outings?

Before leaving the building we carry out a written risk assessment. We ask ourselevs:

  • What is the reason for the outing? (the learning objective)
  • Where are we going and have we been before?
  • How many children?
  • How many members of staff?
  • What is the weather forecast?
  • Do all the children have suitable clothing for the weather?
  • How many children are walking independently?
  • How many children will be holding the pram with or without wrist straps?
  • How many children will be in prams?
  • Are the prams in good condition?
  • Do the children have hi visibility jackets on?
  • Have we got our backpacks containing first aid kit, spare clothes, nappies and wipes, hand sanitizers and a work phone containing all emergency contacts?