About us

We are a small childcare setting with a home from home ethos.

We are situated in the centre of Littleborough in a Tudor-style house

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We consist of six early years practitioners caring for 25 children per day. All practice is lead and overseen by a qualified early years professional holding a degree in early childhood studies. We care for and educate children from 0-11 years in a homely environment, using our local community to teach children about the world in which we live.

At the Railway House we believe in different age groups mixing together so children can support and learn from each other. This replicates a natural family environment.


This type of nursery setting gives us the opportunity to put a child’s social and emotional wellbeing at the heart of everything we do as key groups are small and manageable.

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"The Railway House are a fabulous team. They understand and know how young children learn and thrive. Putting the children’s interest at the heart of everything they do!

Our little boy had a wonderful time with you all - and couldn’t wait to return for his tea when he started school! Our daughter, who is older also loves coming for her tea after school and “looking after” the younger children.

Absolutely recommend you have a visit - I fell in love with The Railway House as soon as I stepped through the door" - Parent feedback


At The Railway House we provide all meals and snacks at no added cost to a funded place. The meals we provide are all cooked on the premises by the early years practitioners who all have a food hygiene certificate which is renewed yearly. We view mealtimes as part of a child’s learning and development as they all sit together as a family around the table regardless of age, they are also often involved in the preparation and cooking of the meals. All meals are simple and nutritious providing children with lots of choice to promote healthy eating habits. Children come into nursery to a variety of cereals for breakfast with wholemeal toast and boiled eggs. Snacks are available throughout the morning and afternoon consisting of a variety of fruits, milk and water. Both dinner and tea are warm home cooked meals.

We have experience in catering for complex dietary needs. 



Lily, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail are our nursery rabbits.


The experience a child receives from learning to care for animals is invaluable. Caring for animals can help a young child build empathy, understanding and respect for their friends and other grown ups. Tasks such as feeding and cleaning out rabbits gives children a sense of achievement as they learn to be responsible.

Settling in sessions

Attachment is the most important aspect of early years, we view attachment as love, time and consistency and therefore we have a very close key person approach, where one practitioner provides all care for their key children. When you have accepted a place at The Railway House your child will receive a number of settling in sessions. Some children only need a few, while others may need more, but we always go with what the individual child needs.


The first week of settling in sessions are held with the key person, parent and child. This approach means that a personal close relationship is built right from the start and the child can have their key person's full attention, without them having to see to the needs of their other children.


Once we feel that the relationship has taken form we then introduce the child to their new friends. At this stage, the parent can then start to leave their child for short periods of time.


We feel that settling in sessions are a time for you to get to know your key person and you can ask as many questions as you like to ease any concerns you may have.