Where did my journey begin?

- Michelle Cheetham, Nursery Manager

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My fascination for early years started when I had my first child in 1999, I was amazed at how something I knew nothing about came so naturally. I observed her every move and wanted to do everything I could to love and protect her. I found myself reading up on everything I needed to do to meet her needs and was always looking for the best way to care and provide for her.


After 18 months of putting off going back to work I spoke to a close friend who suggested that I should look into becoming a childminder. I instantly fell in love with the idea and that very day I made a phone call to the council to find out how to get the ball rolling. I was a childminder for 14 years and during this time I became a mother of 4 children and gained a BA honours degree in Early Childhood Studies.


Caring for and educating many children over the years, combined with the knowledge I gained during my degree, meant I developed my own preferred way of doing things. I observed how children learn best and from there decided to take my career further by opening a nursery, a nursery that holds some of the best qualities of a childminder.

At The Railway House I am not just the manager, I spend time with every child that we care for throughout the week, whether it be setting up interesting areas for them to explore or facilitating their learning through quality interactions.

I love that my role allows me to spend time with the children, loving them and supporting their development.


I work closely with my team, supporting them to develop their skills in a way that enables us to support all our children and families.

We don’t take things too seriously; our early years teaching is built around fun and excitement where we allow the children to be in charge of their day, supported by loving and responsive adults. I love how everyday has an element of surprise.

My ethos at The Railway House is to build happy heathy children within an environment that has a lovely family feel.